Creating an Addon Domain

Addon domains are handled similarly to subdomains in the file structure listed in your file directory. However, the addon domain URL appears like a primary domain. In general, nothing that happens in your addon domain's files or DNS should affect what goes on with the rest of your domains.

Although addon domains do not have their cPanel, you can still use them to create email accounts, redirects, Softaculous installations, subdomains, etc. Web statistics for the addon domain can be found under the subdomain's URL in the statistics application in cPanel.

Please note that adding an addon domain to your cPanel does not register or transfer the domain name to our hosting server. The addon domain should be registered and pointed to your hosting account so you can fully manage your domain name using your hosting account. You can register your domain in our Front-of-Site. For instructions on registering a domain, please check the article, Registering a Domain Name with CloudonHosting.

Alternatively, if you have a domain registered elsewhere you can transfer your domain with us and point it to your CloudonHosting account. For instructions on transferring a domain, please check the article How Can I Transfer My Domain to CloudonHosting?


Addon domain URLs

Every addon domain can have a subdomain as its extension. You may load your addon domain using any of the following URLs:

Addon Domain Name

Subdomain Name

Subfolder Name
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