How to change your cPanel / Roundcube email password

Login to your email by going to your domain name with a /webmail at the end.

For example in these instructions i will use our domain so will need to use your domain name replacing this. 

Once you are logged in click “Webmail Home” in the left menu… if this is not visible then it might have taken you directly to the webmail home straight away. 

On the webmail home under the “Edit Your Settings” section click “Password & Security”

In the next screen

  1. add in your new password and also confirm it
  2. Or you can click the password generator button and it will create a strong password for you to copy and use
  3. Once done click save

That’s it, you are all done and your email password has been changed.

If you have your email account setup in other devices such as phones and computer you will need to change this new password into your email settings in those devices.

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