Remote Access Computer with AnyDesk

If you have any problem on setup email client, CloudonHosting is very pleasure to assist you to solve the issue. Here is the steps:
  1. Logon to CloudonHosting client portal, submit a Ticket to request a support service. 
  2. Leave your mobile phone number and email to ticket.
  3. Download and setup Anydesk software and let us able to remote your desktop if needed.
  4. Waiting for our response and we will whatsapp. 
1. Download Anydesk software
2. Run an app
3. Share your ID
4. In case you have macOS
Go to settings - security and privacy and give Anydesk access to Accessibility, Full Disk Access, and Screen Recording.
5. Now you should confirm the access request
Once the other side tries to connect to your computer, you'll see a popup with an "Accept" choice.
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